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#3: A Destiny

This is part #3 to a series of blog posts

Sora walked down the narrow tunnel examining the walls for anything out of the ordinary.  She ran her fingers along the rough rock.  The person responsible for creating this tunnel was very skilled, because despite the roughness of the rock, the wall seemed to be without flaw.  It did not seem to have any dents or cracks.  She traveled for some time.  The tunnel never veered left or right, it just continued straight with a gradual decline.

After some time of walking, Sora finally reached the end of the tunnel.  The tunnel opened up into a large cavern.  The stalactites hung from the ceiling with stalagmites reaching up from underneath.  Some of them had even joined in the middle creating huge pillars from floor to ceiling.  There was a faint sound of water dripping, slow and steady.  The air smelled of wet rock, but was nice and cool.  Sora felt great relief from the stuffy tunnel and the hot summer air outside.

Sora walked into the center.  She could feel a breeze coming from the opposite side of the cavern, yet there did not seem to be an opening on the other side.  From what she could see upon scanning the walls was that this was a dead end.  There didn't seem to be any obvious signs of why she was so drawn down the tunnel.

Sora sat down on the cool rock.  She really liked the cave.  It had a cool calming feeling about it.  She felt like she could think very clearly sitting there on the cold floor.  As she was staring off across the cave, she saw a little flicker of light.  When she blinked and looked in the direction of the light, it was gone.  Sora wondered if it was in her imagination.  She got up anyway and walked across the cavern floor.  As she approached the far side where there was a small crevice in the wall, Sora stopped.  Inside this little crevice, there were writings from floor to ceiling.  The words were very bright compared to the dark wet stone, so that there was no mistaking what they said.  Sora stepped back in order to read the message as a whole.

"A time will come when the border to the land will have to be breached.  You will know when this time has come.  Only few are chosen to know this secret.  If you have found this, then you are ready to move forward.  Our civilization is going to dwindle without the technology that can be provided from the humans outside.  The kings do not agree with this, but it is true.  Come to this cave at the new moon of the sixth month in the year, and you will find safe passage through the earth and into the realm of the humans.
The magic is set to happen during the new moon only if there is no light in the sky.  You will have to command the clouds to cover the stars.  Darkness will be your best protection.
Prepare plenty of food and supplies, as it will take you many days to reach the human civilization.  Good luck, and may mother nature be always with you."

Sora's heart skipped with excitement.  It is almost like she was meant to find this.  She felt like she was lead to this very place in order to see this message.  She had no idea that her civilization could be in jeopardy without human help.  The magic that the Kiswan have can be very powerful.  Sora wondered if someone could see the future with his magic.


The royal blood line has the ability to wield more power than the normal beings of the kingdom.  It was given to them from the earth as a gift to prosper in peace.  When a royal partners with one not of royal blood, the offspring lose some of their power.  Over the centuries, many have lost a lot of power.  Love was driven to take over that power.  Those beings did not seem to mind, because they were happy.  They were left with barely enough power to heal minor wounds, and grow a meager harvest.

Sora's magic had not yet reached her potential.  She needed to partner in a ceremony under the consent of her father, and mother earth to reach that level of power.  So far, any of the other royal males were not at all interesting to her.  She would rather grow old without pairing with any of them.  However, it was her destiny to produce an heir.  The royal she would pair would eventually become king with Sora as queen.  Their youngest offspring would then be next in line for the leadership of the kingdom.

As it stood at this time, Sora could wield enough power to heal ailments, and to grow enormous crops of food.  She could also control the elements.  It rarely rained over her head, only when she wanted it to.  Many of the Kiswan did not like the rain, so the royal families usually controlled it to pour out over their crops, leaving the villages dry and warm.  Sora's potential could be so much more.  She could wield the power from the earth's core in order to control more than just the elements.  With that power comes a lot of responsibility.  Sora was not sure that she even wanted to have that opportunity, but as the youngest of her parent's offspring, it was her destiny.

The Kiswan royal family will have a baby, and if that baby is to be the heir to the throne, then they would have no more offspring.  The king can use the power in the earth to determine the destiny of that child.  If it is not the official heir, then the king and queen will keep having offspring until the right one is born.

Just like Sora's dislike of the special treatment, she did not like the destiny that was set before her.  She was convinced that her parents just did not want to have any more offspring since she was offspring number 21.  This was the largest royal family in history.  Sora's eldest brother will have fifty-seven years of life, this year end.  (Remember the Kiswan live twice that of a human, and therefore reproduce at a much slower rate).


Sora examined the message on the cave wall one more time.  She laughed to herself.  She was sure that her destiny was pulling her away from becoming queen of this land.  She felt her destiny saying that she would be heading for greatness.


End of part 3

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