Friday, April 1, 2011

16: A Side Story

I have been better now for nearly a week.  I have a lingering cough, but for the most part, I am doing great.  All of my sickness issues wound me up lagging behind in my class, so I have been spending extra time catching up.  I still have plenty to do, but I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

Witold was hardly sleeping at night.  All he could think of was Sora.  Was she safe?  Where was she?  How long was she going to be gone?  He wondered the village wishing he could help her.  He performed his duties... or at least he thought he did.  Many of his tasks went by in a blur.

Agatha had been watching Witold.  She knew that he was fretting about Sora.  After planning with Leo, Agatha decided to bring Witold in to inform him on Sora's quest.  After all, in the end, he would be the only one able to help her.  After searching the entire village, Agatha finally found Witold sitting in the most obvious place.... right in front of his home.  She approached him quickly as to speak with him while he was alone.

"Witold."  Agatha whispered forcefully.  "Come with me, quickly."

Witold looked up at Agatha puzzled.  "What?  Why?"

Agatha sighed loudly.  "Just come with me, it's about Sora."

At the name, Witold perked up.  "Where are we going?"

"To the archives."  Agatha stepped back as Witold stood.  She then turned around and walked down the most deserted paths back to the royal home.  Witold followed close behind and wondered why Agatha was being so secretive and why she was in such a hurry.

As they entered the royal home, Agatha turned toward Witold and held her finger to her mouth prompting him to be quiet.  She scurried along the corridors, with Witold close behind.  Things were starting to get interesting.

As they entered the archives, Agatha slowed down.  For an old Kiswan, she could move pretty fast.  She walked straight to the back where the old man sat.

"Leo, we're here."  Agatha sat down in a soft chair and ushered Witold to sit next to her, while Leo slowly emerged from his private quarters.

"Excellent!  Witold, it is good to see you.  Thank you for coming."  He sat looking at Witold, which made Witold shift uncomfortably.

"We need your help Witold," said Leo.  "Sora needs your help."

"How can I help?  I have no idea where she is!"

"She is in the human realm."  Leo stopped to let Witold take in this information.

Witold was looking down at the floor.  He stood up from the chair next to Agatha's walked, around the back of it, and leaned on the high back.  He looked from Agatha to Leo, then back to Agatha.

"You are serious!  How did she get there?"  Witold's eyes were wide and filled with worry.  "Does her father know that she is there?"

"No.  No one knows where she is, except for Agatha and myself," stated Leo.  "Have a seat please, Witold, this might take a few minutes to explain."

Witold walked back around and sat next to Agatha in the soft chair.  Leo explained every little detail of the last few months to Witold.  How Sora's quest came to be, and how it was being prepared for.  Leo explained about the cave with the secret entrance.  The whole while, Witold just silently listened.

Leo ended his account.  "Sora needs your help to bring down the barrier.  She is not going to be able to get back through on her own.  You must go to her, and when the time is right, you will join the power that the two of you have together and bring down the barrier, thus restoring that energy to the earth's core."

"When do I need to leave?"  Witold asked.

"In two days time.  You will leave in the night, when the clouds are covering the sky from all heavenly light."  Leo paused..... "You are going to have to swim to get to the cave."

"Swim!?"  Witold's courage began to wain.  "I have never been in water higher than my knees!"

Agatha exchanged a glance with Leo then said, "Not to worry Witold, I can help you learn enough to get you into the cave.... but it has to be you Witold.  No one else will be able to get out of this realm and into the humans' world."

"How will I find her?  She could be anywhere!"  Witold was beginning to realize how difficult this task would be.

"I put a stone in Sora's pack.  It contains earth power in it.  Here is its sister."  Agatha pulled out from a pocket in her dress, a stone that fits perfectly in the palm of Witold's hand.  "This stone has the self same power as Sora's.  It will glow as you draw nearer the other stone."

Witold took the stone and examined it closely.  It looked like a regular bit of rock.  Leo interrupted his thoughts.  "We will get everything ready for your trip.  In the meantime, Agatha will take you to the small water hole and teach you how to swim.  You need to put a lot of effort into learning.  This will be your secret quest.  Tell no one where you are really going.  You may tell them that you are heading for a neighboring village, but do not be specific."

After receiving more instructions, Witold left the royal home for his own.  He had to get some supplies together in order to learn to swim.  If there was one thing that Witold enjoyed out of all of this was the fact that he got to find and be with Sora.  It took his mind off of the worry for the time being, and he set his mind to succeeding with his personal quest.

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