Monday, August 22, 2011

21: Trapped

Before I start, I just to mention a small change that I made in episode 20 toward the end.  Justin was to have kicked in the door to the warehouse, however, upon planning the next episode, I realized that I needed the door intact (you'll see why soon enough)!  So, just a few sentences have been changed on the 2nd to last paragraph.

Justin stood awkwardly next to the door as Sora and Witold had their reunion.  Sora was acutely aware of Justin's presence didn't know whether to question Witold, hug him... or kiss him.  As she approached him, her stomach fluttered with excitement.  Oddly enough, she had missed him over the last few weeks. That was a feeling she didn't expect to ever feel for him.

Heat spread over Sora's face, and after a brief hesitation, Sora closed the distance between them, and hugged Witold.  His embrace was strong; stronger than she thought it would be.  Being away from him since their new connection, Sora had forgotten that Witold had... changed... how he had, matured.  She pulled back and met his gaze.  The light from the door was dancing off his eyes.

"How did you find me?"  Sora whispered.  "Why are you here?"

Before Witold could answer, Justin tripped, knocking a metal wrack full of books to the floor.  "Sorry," he said, clearly embarrassed.  He wasn't sure what to do with himself and where he stood with Sora, and now she was in the arms of another man... er, Kiswan.  Justin stepped forward awkwardly, offering his hand to Witold.  "I'm Justin," he said. 

Witold merely glanced down at it, then back up at his face puzzled.  Instead, Sora reached out and shook Justin's hand to show him how to do it.

"How dare you touch her!"  Witold said.

"Witold!" Sora pleaded.  "Please!  He is my friend!"

"What is he trying to do?"  Witold seethed.  "Doesn't he know that you are promised to me?"

The door slammed shut interrupting Witold's rant, and through the little window toward the top of the door, Sora could see Cartwright peeking in.  She ran to the door and tried to open it, but it was locked. 

"What is going on?"  Witold seethed. 

"I don't know," Sora said as she walked back to him.  Justin began examining the steal door.  It was heavy, and well made.

Witold pulled Sora to the side and asked, "Who is this human?  Why are you with him?"

Sora knitted her eyebrows together.  "He is my friend, and and he is helping me!  Did you expect me to do this all by myself?"

"Well, that is why Leo sent me here, to help you."  Witold pulled away and walked toward a window at the opposite end of the building.  Sora followed.  The window was reinforced with bars. 

"I didn't know that you would be coming to help me Witold."  Sora reached for his arm, and turned Witold to face her.  "I was told that I would be on my own."

"Jess tricked me though.  How do you know that he isn't going to do the same?"  Witold asked.  "Jess knew so much about this... Justin."  The resentment was clear in his voice.  "She seemed to think that he was, courting you."  His jaw clenched together.

Embarrassed, Sora's face turned red again.  She reached for Witold's face and said, "He is not courting me, nor I him.  He has been my only ally here!  From day one, Jess was trying to find a way to take me away."

Witold pulled away, clearly hurt that I had bonded with another male.  "But how do you know for sure that he isn't in on the plan?"

"Because..." Witold was balling up his fists with his eyes narrowed in irritation.... "Witold!  Because, he is one of us!"

Witold snapped out of his emotion.  "What?  How can this be?"

"Can't you see the resemblance?" Sora asked.  "He told me all about his ancestors and how there is a legend that is passed down from generation to generation about another race called the Kiswan.  He is part of that line."

"What does this mean?"  Asked Witold.  "This would make him the closest to the true royal blood line."

Sora looked over at Justin and said quietly, "I do not know.  We need to take this before the counsel."

Witold seemed bothered by the situation.  Sora sensed that he was thinking about whether or not Justin was entitled to the throne.... would he be more eligible to partner Sora?  Butterflies fluttered in Sora's stomach at the thought.  She really had grown to like Justin.  She just wasn't sure in what way she likes him.

"Well, the counsel will have to wait."  Sora said, want to distract Witold from his thoughts.  "We have to finish this quest, or else there won't be a kingdom to rule."

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